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Enjoy the comfort of Alliance goggles, featuring a wide frame and curved lenses for an expansive field of view. Crafted for triathletes, open water, and fitness swimmers, our two color options bring unique advantages. The mirror goggles are ideal for outdoor and bright conditions, while the clear goggles are perfect for indoor and low-light settings.



  • COMFORTABLE: This comfortable goggle design features a large frame for a wider field of view and soft gaskets for a leak-proof fit.
  • ADJUSTABLE: Includes four nose bridges for a customized fit. Clips on each side make for easy adjustments.
  • VISIBILITY: Curved lenses provide 180-degree panoramic views. Lenses are anti-fog-treated and provide UV protection.
  • COLOR: Available in two colorways. Mirrored goggles are best for outdoor or extremely bright conditions. Clear goggles are best for low light or indoor swimming.

Alliance Goggles

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