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Mariah Mitchell

Comes from a strong swimming and running background and recently discovered the triathlon lifestyle!

Age Group

F 25-29

Joined TCM


"A" Goal

2022 World Sprint Triathlon


2023 1st 25-29 // Arizona State Sprint Triathlon Championships, AZ

2023 1st 25-29 (5th OA) // Merrill Ranch Sprint Triathlon, AZ

2022 2nd OA (1st 25-29) // Mermaid Series Sprint Triathlon, CA

2022 15th 25-29 // USAT Age Group National Championships, WI

2022 1st 25-29 // USAT Age Group National Championships Open Water Swim, WI

2022 Team USA 6th overall // World Championships Mixed Team Relay, Montreal Canada

2022 23rd 25-29 // World Triathlon Sprint Championships, Montreal Canada 

2022 1st 25-29 (3rd female OA) // Arizona State Sprint Triathlon Championships, AZ

2021 5th 25-29 // USAT Draft Legal National Championships, AZ

2021 2nd 25-29 // Tri Santa Cruz Sprint, CA

2021 *1st Olympic: top 10 AG, 6th fastest swim // Santa Cruz Triathlon, CA


Wetsuit: Blueseventy Helix

Bike: Specialized, Tarmac SL 6

Runners: Hoka, Carbon-X

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2023 Race Schedule

2023 ITU Sprint Triathlon World Championships, Hamburg, Germany

Why triathlon?

"I really like doing Triathlons because I’ve gotten to get back in the pool, which was my first love, and I get to learn 2 new disciplines between the bike and run! I also like that the training rotates between all 3 so it keeps the training fun! And lastly, I love how supportive TCM is and how everyone cheers each other on. Attempting my first Triathlon was very intimidating, but with the help of coach Gunnar and TCM, I felt so prepared & I’ve had such a positive experience!! I would not have fallen in love w/ Triathlons as much as I have without the help of my coach preparing me & the support of TCM!"

-Mariah Mitchell

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