Evgenii Iavorovich

Unstoppably active, this Russian engineer loves everything sporty from surfing, skiing and of course, triathlon.

Age Group


Joined TCM


"A" Goal

IM SC 70.3


Wetsuit: 2XU

Bike: Rondo Ruut

Runners: Atreyu

GPS Watch: Garmin Fenix 5

2022 Race Schedule

Surfer's Path 10k // Feb 27, 2022

Stanford Treeathlon // March 6, 2022

Yosemite Half Marathon // May 7, 2022

Surfer's Path Half Marathon // May 22, 2022

San Francisco Half Marathon // July 24, 2022

IM Santa Cruz 70.3 // Sep 11, 2022

Wahine 10k // Oct 16, 2022

Evgenii running.JPG

2022 Stanford Treeathlon, CA *first ever triathlon

Why triathlon?

"I like a triathlon for the opportunity to challenge myself and enjoy the results of invested time and effort. As a pleasant bonus, it improves physical and mental health and simply puts a smile on my face."

-Evgenii Iavorovich

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